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If your company needs a fast, powerful and fully integrated cloud ERP system

- RamBase is the solution


Auction cloud 
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Hammer the competition with automated auction software

RamBase Auction Cloud is an ERP solution with applications for both on location and online auctions. Unlike other auction software, RamBase Auction Cloud is fully integrated with our powerful cloud ERP system. This connection provides automated management of finance and logistics needed to help your auction business thrive. Direct integration with your auction website ensures a great online bidding experience before, during and after the auction.

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distribution cloud 
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Streamline your product flow

RamBase Distribution Cloud is a complete ERP solution that ensures your warehouse operates at maximum efficiency. Powerful cloud applications give your business quality and traceability throughout your value chain. All functional departments are connected, resulting in streamlined processes.

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manufacturing cloud
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Optimization of all available resources

RamBase Manufacturing Cloud is a complete ERP solution that gives your business strong control of the production workflow.  Powerful cloud applications make manufacturing operations more efficient by connecting functional departments to the same set of data. Benefit from optimized utilization of people, machines and material resources.

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Integrated Financials for streamlined operations

RamBase Finance Cloud is included in all RamBase products, allowing for centralized financial management across all functional departments. RamBase Finance Cloud allows you to manage spending, optimize resources, and meet financial reporting requirements, more efficiently than the competition.

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Why RamBase

Everything Connects

Smooth and fast information flow - a result when everything connects

Secure data

Business data is protected by the highest level of security, integrity and redundancy available

Fast Information

The speed of information ensures efficiency - saving time and money


Access one centralized data system, whenever, and wherever business demands

Predictable IT costs

RamBase provides a simple license model, growing in line with your organization


Over 40 years of experience in global logistics towards demanding customers

Continuous development

Upgrades are included, meaning that you will never have an outdated ERP system