RamBase  – Everything Connects!

RamBase is your complete business success platform based on a fully integrated ERP solution in the cloud. RamBase provides complete control by connecting the entire value chain and collaborating, streamlining and simplifying all processes. The result is reliable information essential to your performance quality and bottom-line success.

One of the key features of RamBase is that the whole system is built from logistics, where finance is not the starting point, but the sum of all transactions. This method enable employees to make accurate decisions, while managers keep in control with real-time information.

We support your business:

Electronics & Electromechanical Manufacturing

Electromechanical Production

Mechanical Manufacturing


Non-food Wholesale


Opportunities with RamBase

To perform your work fast, securely and reliably, you often need information from other parts of your business. When all business processes are tightly connected, you will have this information available where you need it, and when you need it. That’s why we say; with RamBase, Everything connects. Maximizing your business turnover with complete control of your business-critical information.

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