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Personnel Management

The personnel management process enters personnel, roles, qualifications and work arrangement administration directly in the ERP system

RamBase stores a detailed personnel archive where the employees are allowed to maintain their own profile. They can add diplomas, certificates and other proof of qualifications, register emergency contacts, maintain contact information and printer settings. All personnel must be registered in the system as users, and each user is assigned a unique identification and various roles which determine their system access.

Registration of working hours

Registration of working hours makes it possible to keep track of working hours, absence, leave and holidays directly in the ERP system.

Working hours are registered as an employee comes or goes, and these can easily be maintained in the system. The terms are set in each employee’s work schedule, and RamBase calculates the number of hours worked according to those terms. The schedules contain working hours, overtime, holidays and there is even a solution for flexible working hours. Several employees can be linked to the same working hour schedule.

Working hours need to be approved before they are good to go for salary, and there are settings that determine who is authorised to approve what. Files showing statistics of absence are easily accessible.

Reports Generator

RamBase has extensive reporting functionality, with a complete report menu with reports sorted by business area. Only the reports relevant to your company will be displayed, and you may create your own reports.

There is also the option to add your favourite reports to a Personal Menu.

Schedule reports that should be run at regular intervals, and have them delivered to your email automatically

Custom Role-based Access

To use RamBase all users must be assigned to at least one role to perform tasks in the system. RamBase provides a set of system-defined roles. If the system-defined roles do not fit your company, it is possible to create custom roles.

To protect RamBase from unauthorised access, functionality is protected by permissions, e.g. one type of permission is required to view a sales order while another type is required to create a sales order.

Cloud Print Handeling

All printouts are administered by the Print Connector. The Print Connector is a management application for RamBase superusers to keep an overview and control all the different print connections for the company, and also provides easy configuration of printouts, as well as the opportunity for scheduled printing.

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