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Cloud file storage and management

The main goal of file storage is to be able to keep track of all paper-based information that is crucial to your business processes.

Information management is one of the biggest challenges for a company, especially after reaching a certain size. Many companies use third-party solutions, which in many cases reduce efficiency as the employees have to swap between several systems to perform their tasks. RamBase has an internal file storage system which connects the files to their related documents or customers, ensuring that they are always available for the specific employee who is working with the document or customer. This file system is also integrated with Microsoft Office Word, allowing files to be saved and accessed directly from RamBase.

Correspondance and messages

Correspondence is messages received from and sent to customers and suppliers, and of the utmost importance to the company.

This feature allows you to:

Managing correspondence received and sent from a company is the key to successful customer and supplier relationships, but the task of controlling this can be challenging if you have multiple customers and suppliers. RamBase has several different methods of communication, in several specific areas. The users can send internal messages to their colleagues directly in the system, including screenshots of documents they are working on, effectively explaining issues or asking for opinions and approvals. RamBase is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, where attachments and messages are saved within the system. All RamBase documents (orders, shipping advice, invoices etc.) that are printed/sent by email to customers/suppliers will be saved and available.

Tasks and Notes

It is a collaboration tools used to follow up customers and suppliers

Notes can be created in any document. This feature allows users to add information necessary and available for the following (subsequent) processes. The notes can be warnings, descriptions or other types of information of importance to the specific document or process.

Contact Management

store information about potential customers when they register via a web site, etc. All contacts have different terms and preferences, all of which must be maintained and updated.

Contacts are registered with all necessary information in RamBase. As many people change job titles, responsibilities and contact information several times during their career, it is important to maintain this information. In addition to this information, it is possible to designate ownership of a contact, where the owner is the contact’s parent company. This function is used for web shops to register potential customers who create a customer profile before purchasing. This contact profile can then be used to keep in touch with the customer and for advertising purposes.

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