Logistics for Auction

Lot Receipt

When receiving a new lot, you will want to register certain lot characteristics, and bigger auction houses will also need to register where the lot is located. RamBase helps to gain control of received lots by keeping full traceability, as well as offering the possibility of linking up documentation and pictures to the lot. You will be able to store all information on who delivered the lot, which documentation was provided, and where it is located, giving you a sophisticated and secure overview of your day-to-day business. After the lot is sold, you will still have access to this information, keeping and can remain in control of all transactions. If necessary, RamBase also allows you to print stock labels.


In the shipping process, lots are sent out of the warehouse to the customer after an auction. This involves packing, printing documents and registration of shipment. If you have one or more regular customer(s) who place and win bids on a regular basis, you can use Combined Orders option in RamBase to save freight and administrative costs. This method allowed for the goods to be packed together and registered as one shipping unit. If the shipping amount is very large, this method will save resources for all parties involved.

RamBase supports the following tasks:


The customs process can be defined as the process where goods are prepared for shipping (export) to another country. Export regulations can make international trade complicated and demanding, with certificates, customs declarations and other strict requirements. In many cases, all details (value, weight, dimensions, usage) must be displayed, and some countries are stricter than others.

RamBase supports you with the export process, simplifying your working day.

Nonconformity Management

The nonconformity process can be defined as the process where nonconformities related to receipt are detected or reported, and the return of goods from customers.

RamBase provides following support for nonconformity management:

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