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Supplier Relationship Management

A supplier may be a private person or a company. All suppliers have different terms and preferences, all of which must be maintained and updated.

RamBase SRM holds all contact information and supplier terms. Please note that the auction solution has a mirrored supplier for each customer and vice versa. These will have the same account numbers, and there is functionality for handling them as one instance, for example regarding the settlement with a focus on both sales and purchases (clearing).

A business relationship with larger suppliers involves typically several contact persons. These connections need to be defined with their contact and work information, in addition to situations in which they will be contacted, and RamBase holds this information for you.

Commissions and fees

Commissions and fees may be set directly on the supplier card, and diversified according to categories for each auction house (e.g. stamps may have a different commission than artwork).  Fees are mainly costs connected to any expenditures the auction house has in the selling of the lot, such as boxes, envelopes, administration etc. This fee can either be charged to the supplier as a standard fee or as a fee charged directly on the specific lot.

Office plug-in

An integrated MS Outlook plug-in is also available for easy handling of email messages – emails can be registered directly on the supplier card.

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