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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

All customers have different terms and preferences, all of which must be maintained and updated. RamBase CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application allows to maintain customer contact information, customer dialogue, and holds information on preferences, bidding identification number and financial data, including payment terms and customer balance. You may also register a representative for the customer (an agent). Rambase auction solution also has a mirrored supplier for each customer and vice versa. These will have the same account numbers, and there is functionality for handling them as one instance, for example, regarding the settlement with a focus on both sales and purchases (clearing).

You can classify customers based on their interests and general status. The criteria can be defined by the auction house – commonly used classifications are: general interest, VIP customers, use of an agent in a bidding process, etc.

Contact card

A business relationship with larger customers will normally involve relationships with several contact persons. RamBase customer card holds detailed information on all contacts, as well as situations in which they should be contacted.

Order handeling

As each lot knocks down, a customer order document is automatically created. All orders are then transferred to shipment, customers are invoiced by RamBase and goods can be shipped. Customers will receive information about everything that happens from order confirmation to final invoice.

Bidding history

In RamBase the customer’s bidding history is available from bidding folder on the customer card. Here, you will find all bids made by the customer. Winning bids are clearly marked, with a direct link to the specific auction where the bid was made, and to the lot that the customer placed a bid on.

Outlook plug-in

An integrated Microsoft Outlook plug-in is available for easy handling of email messages – emails can be attached/registered directly on the customer card.

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