Software for Auction

The most sophisticated software for fine art, collectibles, numismatics and stamps. RamBase auction integrates the whole auction process, giving you all standard business processes in one system. A complete, powerful and efficient business system for your auction house.



CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Classification of customers
Contact cards
Order handling
Bidding history
Outlook plug-in


Supplier Relationship Management
Commissions and fees
Office plug-in

Perform Auction

Customer/Supplier mirroring
Consignment/Receive lots
Catalogue handling
Prepare auction
Conduct auction
After the Auction/After sales
Auction settlement
Auction reports


General Ledger
Account Receivables
Account Payables
Cash Management
Base Registers
Auction Balance
Auction Disbursement
Tax and VAT Handling


Lot receipt
Nonconformity management
Logistics Reports


Cloud file storage and management
Correspondence and Messages
Tasks and Notes
Contact Management
Help Desk


Personnel Management
Registration of working hours
Custom role-based access
Cloud print handling
Reports and report generators
Website Integration


Corrective and Preventive actions
Complaints and Returns

  • Advanced sorting functionality for combined auctions
  • Advanced bidding as well as standard bidding routines
  • Sold objects appear on sales orders and at the same time supplier's invoices are created automatically
  • Solid logistic functionality for handling and shipping of goods
  • Settlement well supported by a robust tool using counter accounting so that only totals are handled (the difference between sold and bought)

We're in the UK!    

RamBase Auction is proudly delivered to the UK market by our trusted partner, Synergy Associates Ltd. Headquartered in the heart of London’s beautiful Mayfair area, Synergy Associates Limited provides transformational information technologies and services that are shaping a new age of business communications. 

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