Wepco is live on RamBase!

In August this year, Wepco, a mechanical manufacturing company located in the Stavanger area, decided to implement RamBase. They have now finished the implementation project, and all data has been moved from Microsoft Axapta 2009 to RamBase. Wepco produces and performs service on guide wires and anchors for the subsea industry, making them a perfect match for the cloud based ERP-system RamBase.

RamBase is easy to use, and gives us good support and control in our daily operations in a busy environment

Aumento, one of RamBase’s Norwegian partners, has been responsible for the Wepco implementation, and will also be their first-line support after Go-live. Dag Livar Salte from Aumento has this to say about the project:

“The implementation has been handled according to our fast-track methodology, and even with a short and demanding timeline, Wepco was ready for go-live as planned, on November 5th”.

Managing director in Wepco, Jon Arne Ramsland, can confirm that the project period was busy, but he’s satisfied with his decision to implement RamBase.

«WepCo has been through a hectic and short project period. It’s always demanding to change your business system. With that said, RamBase is easy to use, and gives us good support and control in our daily operations in a busy environment.”

RamBase and Peanuts in hackathon!


RamBase invited developers from Peanuts to participate in a RamBase hackathon.

The goal was to test the RamBase framework and API’s, to see if it really is as easy to use as we believe it is.
After a short briefing, the team was ready to take on a few tasks.
There were two tasks to solve: Continue reading “RamBase and Peanuts in hackathon!”

The 5 steps to a fast-track ERP implementation

The RamBase fast track implementation scenario is a separate track reserved for customers who are a particularly good match for RamBase. It’s also a good solution when you’re an SMB expecting rapid growth. Check out the 5 key factors on how to get started with RamBase ERP in record time: 

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– Digitaliseringen er disruptiv

Valget av forretningsplattform legger grunnlaget for bedriftens muligheter for videre digitalisering.

- Utviklingen går fort. Mens de fleste så for seg å ha servere i eget hus for fem år siden, legger de fleste som planlegger endring nå strategi for en skybasert løsning, sier Anders Utbjo, Key Account Manager i Hatteland Computer.

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Planning for growth? 5 things to consider for digital transformation and ERP

At Hatteland we are often asked how to best benefit from investing in ERP. In our view, all businesses planning for growth should focus on cost and quality control as well as streamlining processes.

According to a recent study, only 17% of the manufacturing companies in Norway consider themselves to be advanced users in automated and digitalized manufacturing.

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Top 5 reason why your business needs cloud ERP

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