We needed to get up and running as quickly as possible

With RamBase ERP, startup company Norxe gained immediate control in all business critical processes, with no big investments.

- We started to look into RamBase six months ago, and we’re already up and running in all areas. We needed something that would get us up and running as quickly as possible, states Kjell Olsen, CSO of Norxe.
The startup company produces a brand new, specially constructed projector. RamBase helps them getting full control of financials, customer communication and flow of goods.

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Planning for growth? 5 things to consider for digital transformation and ERP

At Hatteland we are often asked how to best benefit from investing in ERP. In our view, all businesses planning for growth should focus on cost and quality control as well as streamlining processes.

According to a recent study, only 17% of the manufacturing companies in Norway consider themselves to be advanced users in automated and digitalized manufacturing.

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5 benefits of cloud-based ERP for manufacturing companies

ERP systems, especially for manufacturing companies, assist by providing visibility in all processes across all core departments. The flexibility of cloud-based ERP allows for seamless integration of workflows, improved traceability and security.

The advent of cloud computing has made ERP for manufacturing a key focus area. More than 50% of companies plan to make the switch to Cloud ERP within the next 5 years. Cloud ERP provides centralized data storage, seamless collaboration of processes and access to services and resources directly through the internet. Continue reading “5 benefits of cloud-based ERP for manufacturing companies”