Use of cookies

RamBase’s online services use cookies that allow us to provide personalized content for our visitors. Cookies track which parts of our sites are being visited and allows us to improve our online services by gaining an insight into user behavior. The information will only be used internally and Hatteland never stores information that would make it possible to identify you personally.

Here is a list of the cookies that are being used on our pages:

_icl_current_language remembers the selected language.
_icl_visitor_lang remembers the language based on your IP address, so that visitors from e.g. England will see the English version.
__utmz lagrer shows from where you came to the Hatteland site.
__utma tracks how many times you have visited the Hatteland site.
__utmb and __utmc track how long you are on the different pages and how long the visit lasts in total.