ERP for High-tech manufacturing

Our high-tech manufacturing customers design, engineer, and manufacture complex and sophisticated products for demanding customers with high standards. They emphasize control, quality and cost effectiveness when talking to their customers, and RamBase is designed to help our customers meet these high demands.



Benefits of RamBase in High-Tech Manufacturing

Quality assurance

Quality functionality at every level of the production enable you to deliver high-standard products to highly satisfied customers.

Version and revision handling

Version and revision handling with complete changelog gives you complete control of the engineering process.


Traceability at item level ensures control of all bits and pieces -where are they, in which products are they used, and where did they go.

Life cycle management

Make lasting relations with full as-maintained overview in service and aftersales.

Don't just take our word for it

High-tech manufacturing requires production and quality control throughout the supply chain. «By far the best system I’ve had during my 40 years in industrial production”, says Jone Gjerde, COO of AutoStore.

Features for High-tech manufacturing companies


Advanced operation handling
Part handling
Life Cycle Management and Service
Quality management
Certifications and document management
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Automated generation of needs
Backlog maangement
Change management
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Versioned quoting
Backlog management

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Bill & Pay

Integrated finance
GM in real time
Inventory management
Tax handling
Intercompany trade
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