Benefits of RamBase in Mechanical Manufacturing

Version and revision handling

Version and revision handling with complete changelog gives you complete of the engineering process. 

Quality assurance at every level

Quality at every level enable you to deliver high-standard products to highly satisfied customers. Effective fill-out of reports based on where in the workflow the quality deviation has taken place.

Provide correct documentation

Documents, certificates, drawings and measurements can be attached at all stages of the workflow – efficient and correct creation of documentation packages for your products.

Life cycle management and service

Efficient handling of service orders, scheduling of service and full traceability of previous service operations – creating value through the entire product lifecycle.

Configurable BOM and integrated sales

Configuration, calculation, quotes, and negotiations are all tied together in a tailor made sales process centered around the configurable BOM. Never miss sight of which version of the quote you agreed to put into production.

Don't just take our word for it

The well company TCO’s core business is creative innovation focused on the oil and gas sector. The engineers have saved oil companies both time and money, and now they’re chasing the time thieves in their own work processes. The solution for TCO was to invest in RamBase. 

Features for mechanical manufacturing companies


Advanced operation handling
Part handling
Life Cycle Management and Service
Quality management
Certifications and document management
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Automated generation of needs
Backlog maangement
Change management
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Versioned quoting
Backlog management
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Bill & Pay

Integrated finance
GM in real time
Inventory management
Tax handling
Intercompany trade
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