Do the right procurements, and secure an accurate delivery

RamBase Procurement is an efficient process to handle purchases on a centralized level in the organisation. The procurement module supports:

  • Supplier relationship management.
  • Automated generation of purchasing needs from different departments.
  • Quoting against suppliers to get the best prices available.
  • Purchasing on order or 'bulk' level.
  • Backlog management with change management capabilities.
  • Advanced rebate and kick-back handling against suppliers (claiming).

Optimization of all available resources

RamBase Product covers functionality to handle the part master in RamBase, as well as different pricing for the products.


Automated Auction Software

RamBase Auction is a highly specialiced configuration made for the auction business. The module offer an ERP implementation of distinctive auction business processes. Goods are commissions, sales are events and finance are settlements.

Human Recources

Essential functionality for employee and work hours management

RamBase Human Resources covers personnel management and work hours registration.


Quality Management

Track events to sustain your certification

RamBase Logistics is the link between delivery and procurement. The logistics module give you control of the incoming flow of goods, the in-house management of goods, and the outbound flow of goods.


A Supporting tool-box for your everyday communication

Rambase collaboration consists of a set of tools which makes it more easy to collaborate and work accross of the standard workflows in the ERP system.

Intercompany trade

Separate companies - shared deliveries

Keep in control at all locations:
Extensive intercompany trade functionality enable companies to have the complete financial control at all locations; a necessity for all international businesses.

In the intercompany trade process you can:
- Register and reconcile intercompany invoices.
- Register and reconcile intercompany payments.
- Do report consolidation.
- Create internal invoices.
- Automate finance processes between companies, and strengthen the overview of them.
- Get the benefits from automatically registered internal ledger postings with an internal trade dimension, which makes it possible to consolidate or summarize reports on group level.