Do the right procurements, and secure an accurate delivery

RamBase Procurement is an efficient process to handle purchases on a centralized level in the organisation. The procurement module supports:

  • Supplier relationship management.
  • Automated generation of purchasing needs from different departments.
  • Quoting against suppliers to get the best prices available.
  • Purchasing on order or 'bulk' level.
  • Backlog management with change management capabilities.
  • Advanced rebate and kick-back handling against suppliers (claiming).

Optimization of all available resources

RamBase Product covers functionality to handle the part master in RamBase, as well as different pricing for the products.

  • Strong lifecycle capabilities
  • Advanced part management
  • Handles different pricing for the products
  • Versioning of all products, with full revision history
  • Categorization of product
Human Recources

Essential functionality for employee and work hours management

RamBase Human Resources covers personnel management and work hours registration.

  • Personnel management¬†
  • Qualifications
  • Emergency contacts
  • Work Hours registration
  • Work Hours management
Quality Management

Track events to sustain your certification

Even if quality management procedures are tightly integrated into production , some processes are still presented as a separate module, covering typical quality management processes.

  • Quality management procedures tightly integrated into production
  • Separate modules covering typical quality management processes
  • Quality events and improvements
  • Statistics

A Supporting tool-box for your everyday communication

Rambase collaboration consists of a set of tools which makes it more easy to collaborate and work accross of the standard workflows in the ERP system.

  • Contact management
  • Correspondance and messages
  • Instant messaging
  • Approvals scheme
  • Cloud file storage¬†
Intercompany trade

Separate companies - shared deliveries

Keep in control at all locations:
Extensive intercompany trade functionality enable companies to have the complete financial control at all locations; a necessity for all international businesses.

In the intercompany trade process you can:

  • Register and reconcile intercompany invoices.
  • Register and reconcile intercompany payments.
  • Do report consolidation.
  • Create internal invoices.
  • Automate finance processes between companies, and strengthen the overview of them.
  • Get the benefits from automatically registered internal ledger postings with an internal trade dimension, which makes it possible to consolidate or summarize reports on group level.