Control your in- and outbound flow of goods

RamBase Logistics is the link between delivery and procurement. The logistics module give you control of the incoming flow of goods, the in-house management of goods, and the outbound flow of goods.

RamBase Logistics

A Supporting tool-box for your everyday communication

Rambase collaboration consists of a set of tools which makes it more easy to collaborate and work accross of the standard workflows in the ERP system.

Intercompany trade

Separate companies - shared deliveries

Intercompany trade is processes carried out between companies within a group. In a finance setting this usually refers to invoicing, payments and reporting. In the intercompany trade process you can:

  • Register and reconcile intercompany invoices.
  • Register and reconcile intercompany payments.
  • Do report consolidation. Create internal invoices.
  • Automate finance processes between companies, and strengthen the overview of them.
  • Summarize reports on group level. Ledger postings from within the group¬†are automatically registered with an internal trade dimension.¬†
Intercompany trade