Gives you full control of all progress and changes in your salespipe

RamBase Sales offers support to a complete salespipe which stretches from working with 'cold' opportunities to follow up your backlog and deliveries with a very high level of control. The sales module supports:
- Registration and opportunities and requests to fuel the salespipe.
- Advanced versioned quoting for both products and projects, with support for back traced quoting against suppliers.
- Relationship management when a sale is more than just a sale.
- Backlog management with real time delivery information from production and procurement.


Rich and detailed part handling with strong lifecycle capabilities

RamBase Product covers functionality to handle the part master in RamBase, as well as different pricing for the products.


An integrated solution for rental management

Rental, or renting, is a contractual trade where a payment is made for temporary use of goods or services owned by another party. When it comes to computer systems, rental is special since it involves a separation between the logistics/flow of goods and the contract/invoicing.


Create value with connected service management

Products will be in need for service, and they can even break. RamBase Service module will make it possible to return existing products for service and repairs.