The RamBase Platform Possibility


The internet is an infrastructure connecting the world in an efficient way at a lower cost – enabling you to streamline your operations and become more cost-effective. With our platform possibilities, we will not be a hinder for your digital expansion – we will aid in your digital expansion.

The big question is; is your IT-model prepared for the changes to come? An ERP-system gives you full control in all business areas, from logistic to manufacturing and finance. But there will always be areas of your business where you need other type of software. Choosing an ERP system does not mean you must close the door for other software – but you need an easy integration to make it work.

RamBase has a set of API’s, making it possible to integrate nearly everything with an internet connection. The API’s are the connection between your ERP and the rest of the world – allowing true digitalization of your business.

We provide you with the development tools to customize the ERP system to fit your business.

As our product manager puts it: “A modern ERP system needs to be robust, flexible and configurable. It is not a one-size-fits-all, but should be a solution meeting the needs of your business. ERP systems also have the ability to adapt with the ever-changing needs of a growing business. Make sure you are planning for growth, prepared for the future and ahead of the competition.”

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