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Referral Partner

The RamBase Referral Partner Program allows partners to refer RamBase ERP to prospective customers and receive a referral fee. Referral partners include contact networks, customer referrals and industry consultants. There is always an opportunity for RamBase Referral Partners to make even more money by providing RamBase consulting and services.

Implementation partner

This program is designed for experienced business software resellers that are interested in expanding their business. RamBase Implementation Partners handle customer project needs – from selling RamBase licenses to implementation and support.

Technical partner

The RamBase Business Platform will allow developers to build innovative enterprise applications on top of RamBase. The RamBase platform enables developers to build on vertical business processes through data conversions, integrations, and application development towards the RamBase API. This is often an existing in-house capability of an Implementation Partner. Please note that an implementation partner will in many cases also be a technical partner.

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