ERP for Non-food wholesale

Our distribution customers operate in a market with low margins and high demands to transactions and speed – and they operate world wide. To keep customers satisfied, they must deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time, and to the agreed price. We’re guessing, so do you. You need the correct information, at the right place in the value chain, and at the right time – at all times.


Features for non-food wholesale companies


Track events to sustain your sertification
Consolidated shipments
Shipment tracking
Connect to Consignor
Export handling

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Automated generation of purchasing needs
Quoting against suppliers
Purchasing on order or “bulk” level
Advanced rebate and kick-back handling (claiming)
Backlog and change management

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Advanced versioned quoting
Backlog management with real time delivery information
Complaints and returns

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Bill & Pay

Integrated finance
GM in real time
Inventory management
Tax handling
Intercompany trade
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